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Jun, 2020

Letter from the President

Rising Sun Community Little League Reopening Plan

2020 Season

Greetings All,

I sincerely hope you are all doing well through this uncertain time in our lives. We have all been forced to alter every aspect of normal life and as you well know it has been overwhelming.

As a healthcare professional working in a hospital I see the effect this pandemic has firsthand.

We are praised and called hero’s, showered with gifts, given masks made by community groups, Boy Scout Troops hold car washes for us, cards of thanks are sent to us frequently.

These actions are greatly appreciated by all of us and are a true example of what community means and the power it has to positively effect someone’s life through grim and uncertain situations.

My personal opinion is that I am simply doing my job with extra precautions. The true heroes are the parents who have been forced to become teachers overnight, daycare providers, have been forced out of work or if fortunate enough to continue to work, alter their work schedules in order to provide for their families. All while explaining to their children why we are in this situation with a smile on their faces trying to maintain their sanity. 

For that I applaud you as you all are the true meaning of a Hero.

Rising Sun Community Little League has also been affected by the pandemic as you well know.

We were forced to postpone in March as we were well positioned to open our season.

Tryouts were complete, Managers and coaches were in place, teams were selected, uniforms, equipment, baseballs and softballs were purchased, all league fees, charter fees, Insurance and operating costs were paid. The final step was to have our parade, opening day ceremony and play games.

The decisions made by the board at this time are crucial to protecting the strength and stability as well as the future of our program.

There are 5600 Little Leagues worldwide that are now forced to make critical decisions on how to move forward with the 2020 season if at all possible. We are all small businesses in effect and rely solely on donations from sponsors and support from the community through fundraising and concession revenue. Registration fees only cover a small portion of operating costs in any league. Unfortunately, there are no government bailout programs for youth sports at any level and sadly many programs will not recover financially and will cease to exist leaving a large void in their communities for their youth.

Myself and our Board of Directors are committed to the re-opening of the 2020 season with the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved first and foremost.

We have studied all the suggested processes and procedures set forth by Little League International, Governor Hogan’s guidelines and local health department regulations in order to develop a safe and effective plan to reopen.

Last week I sent an email to all our managers to determine player participation.

The results of this “survey” were astounding. The vast majority of our league is ready to continue as soon as we can. Many were positive but would not commit until a more detailed plan was set forth which is understandable under current conditions. There were a minimal number of members who would not be able to participate due to other commitments after the original season would have been completed. Several people were concerned of the timing and current restrictions of reopening during the typically hottest month of the year and several have vacation plans that would coincide with play.

The results of the “survey” is a testament to the resilience, passion and commitment of our community and dedication to the children of our league and we should all be extremely proud.

With the face of the pandemic rapidly changing in a positive direction the possibility of opening soon is beginning to become a reality.

Our mindset is that the pandemic is no more than an extended rain delay and once the storm blows over, the sun comes out and the fields are ready we will be back stronger and better than ever before and will have the best season in the history of Rising Sun Community Little League.

It is important to remain positive throughout this situation as I value positive input conducive to our league’s growth.

Should the state reopening process be delayed into July we will revisit our plan and make adjustments and considerations as necessary.

The reopening plan is attached to this email and posted on our website.


We strive to provide a program that is more than just the game itself. We want all of our players to learn how to better play the game but to learn valuable life lessons along the way. It is about respect, teamwork, situational awareness, self-worth and every aspect of becoming a model citizen and personal development all while having fun and creating positive memories that will last a lifetime.

Thank you for being a strong community and I look forward as we all do to beginning our season and enjoying life again.

Please stay safe.


Michael A. Richardson

Michael A Richardson                            
Rising Sun Community Little League